3 Aspects of when to replace a medical suction machine


Every nurse knows that durable medical equipment doesn’t last forever.

When devices such as portable medical suction machines unexpectedly stop working, it’s not just a nuisance. It endangers patient safety.

Like any other durable piece of medical facilities, emergency suction devices do not last forever.

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You should develop a replacement strategy of medical suction machine based on three key considerations:

1. The durability

Due to the nature of their use, portable emergency medical suction devices usually have to withstand considerable abuse. They could get hit, fall to the floor and go through other trials. That is, durability should be related to increased functional life. Of course, even the most durable medical aspirators require regular maintenance and testing.

2. Functional life

The service life of any medical “suction device” is set at 10 years – but some devices can last twice as long. As with purchasing any other type of equipment, high-quality machines generally have a longer useful life. Keep in mind that this is an approximate time period. Many factors can affect the life expectancy of a vacuum cleaner, including abuse and failure to maintain it. But you can use the 10-year time frame as a tool to budget for future equipment requirements.

3. Schedule replacement

For maximum safety, your hospital should implement a schedule to replace the emergency suction device. Periodically retiring old machines and replacing them with new ones reduces the chance of sudden failures due to aging.

Constantly improving the maintenance and maintenance system of medical suction machine and strengthening the scientific maintenance and maintenance of suction machine could ensure that suction machine maintained a high degree of stability and accuracy in the process of use and promoted the normal and smooth operation of the clinical medical work department. To provide a reliable guarantee for the rehabilitation of patients.

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