3 Q&A on the Emergency Stair chair


What are the most important features to consider when choosing a particular brand or style of emergency stair chair?

Ease of storage, safety of the person being transported, and ease of use for the person operating the rescue chair are all essential considerations when choosing a model for your medical facility, office, or private or public building or space. Since the chairs may be stored unused for long periods of time, rust-resistant and easily maintainable aluminum frames and mildew and moisture resistant nylon and vinyl reinforce the seats and backs.

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Why is the stair chair better than a wheelchair or stretcher when moving a patient or person in an emergency?

Rescue chairs are easier to operate in small or confined Spaces such as hallways, bathrooms, elevators or stairs. Emergency In some cases, elevators may not be available, so stairs are the only option for transporting patients or individuals to the ground floor exit.

The chairs are also designed to be controlled from the front or back. This allows staff, first responders and even volunteers in a crisis to maneuver and control the rescue chair in the most comfortable and convenient way. Compared to wheelchairs or medical stretchers, these chairs can be easily placed in more open and secure areas due to their larger overall size.

In addition, the chairs are equipped with a built-in vehicle storage system and can be secured for transport using floor fasteners or wall straps. They carry much less weight for the patient than bulky wheelchairs or hospital beds or medical stretchers, and add less weight when moving the patient.

The EA-6FPN Emergency Stair Chair is required to transport patients in emergency situations. Especially suitable for: stairs, slopes, tunnels and other cases of patient transport.

emergency stair chair,rescue chair,climbing chair,medical stretcher,medical facility

What is the size of  the climbing chair? Can they be used by all adults and children?

According to the features offered, it was climbing Chair with a slightly different style. Obviously, a chair with a full footstool and arms will be slightly larger and heavier than a chair without these features. However, most of them were Chair were relatively similar in size. Usually the wheels are 5 inches or 7.5 inches, and usually on a premium or luxury model chair, the larger wheels are on the back legs and the smaller wheels are on the front legs.

The height of the back of the larger chair will be slightly less than 40 inches, and on the smaller option, it is closer to 35 inches. The width of the seat and the frame of the back are usually fairly standard, just over 21 inches. The depth when closed is usually under 12 inches, which makes them easy to store in closets or provide cabinetry in a variety of different Settings. The weight of the chairs ranges from about 31 pounds to about 25 pounds.

Most of the chairs are rated at over 350 pounds, perfect for most adults. Depending on the child’s size, these Emergency Stair chairs may be a good choice, but they are not acceptable for toddlers or toddlers who cannot be secured with a harness.

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