3 tips for applying a first aid tourniquet


Although most bleeds can be treated with direct and firm pressure with gauze or cloth, sometimes only a tourniquet can be used to stop the bleeding. A tourniquet is a device placed on the arm or leg to constrict blood vessels and stop blood flow to the wound.

When should I apply a first aid tourniquet?

– Severe, life-threatening bleeding of the arm or leg that cannot be controlled by direct pressure.

– No direct pressure can be applied to the physical location of the wound (for example, a person whose leg is trapped under a rock).

– Gunshot wounds or bomb blast injuries in unsafe scenes.

How do I apply an Emergency tourniquet?

– Have someone call 9-1-1 and have someone apply pressure to the wound using clean gauze or cloth.

– Preferred commercially manufactured CAT tourniquets. These are quick and easy to use. Familiarize yourself with the tourniquet in your home or workplace first aid kit.

Most tourniquets are applied in the same way:

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When should you avoid using a tourniquet?

Do not apply a tourniquet if the following conditions occur;

• Bleeding is not life-threatening

• You did not first try to control bleeding by other means

• Bleeding anywhere but the limb

• You should not place the tourniquet above the injured part of the limb

Tourniquets should not be applied to any other injuries (such as snake bites). Doing so can lead to unnecessary pain, tissue damage or death, and further complications.


A tourniquet is a defender of life. Safe, reliable and effective. Emergency tourniquets are designed to compress the limb to limit blood flow and are an important lifesaving device in tactical and non-tactical situations. Suitable for arms, thighs and other parts; A flexible, versatile fit is a vital first aid measure for yourself or anyone else. The tourniquet is designed to be used with only one hand, allowing you to free up one hand to attend to the casualty’s other needs or to apply the tourniquet yourself. 100% effective blocking of upper and lower limb blood flow.

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