4 Advantages of a vacuum stretcher


First, plasticity and convenience.


The vacuum stretcher can be self-shaped according to the contours of the patient’s body. The biggest advantage of the self-shaped stretcher is that it can efficiently and conveniently reduce the pressure on the patient’s body and shorten the handling time. In many cases, one second delay may cause irreversible harm to the patient, so how to send the injured patient to the hospital in the shortest time has been an important research topic for medical staff.


Second, durability.


The main material of vacuum stretcher is nylon cloth, and nylon cloth is of very good quality, which can support the weight of three adults under normal conditions. In addition, because the main material of vacuum stretcher is nylon cloth, it also shows that the stretcher can be used for X-ray fluoroscopy, and there is no need to change the stretcher after the hospital.


Third, the operation is convenient.


This is the most prominent feature of vacuum stretcher, its use steps are very simple, take out the vacuum stretcher bag, inflate the stretcher with a pump, the whole process lasts no more than half a minute, for the rescue action against the clock, saving time means saving lives, sometimes a second faster may save a life.


Fourth, comfort and safety.


With the vacuum inside and the soft fabric, the patient experience on the stretcher is not good, but it’s definitely not bad.

Selecting appropriate vacuum stretchers can fix patients with multiple fractures in one minute, avoid secondary cervical and spinal injuries caused by blind handling by non-administrative personnel or emergency situations, greatly improve the rescue rate and the pain of patients with minor illnesses.

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