5 Important reasons to invest in emergency evacuation chair


The emergency evacuation chair is a critical safety tool in any multi-story building.

Schools, universities,

The hospital,

Assisted living communities,

The office building,

Apartment, apartment, house

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Everyone wants to know who needs an evacuation chair. Well, evacuation chairs can help anyone with mobility problems, including the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women, the infirm, and people who have trouble walking up and down stairs. In your search, you will find several options for evacuation stair chairs.

Here are the signs to look for when buying an emergency evacuation chair.

1. Light weight but strong loading capacity

These walkers/devices are different from stair lifts in that they are a platform designed to move the wheelchair up/down while the person is in a wheelchair, and they are commonly found in commercial buildings, whereas stair lifts are more commonly found in residential buildings.

Designed for speed rather than comfort, lighter evacuation chairs allow you to move faster in an emergency. This can save you valuable time when time is of the essence.

2. Very safe

Designed to provide a safer solution and be more efficient in getting people down stairs in an emergency. When descending, let the tracks do the heavy lifting while helping to control the descent more quickly.

3. Easy to train

You do not want to use a difficult-to-use evacuation stair chair. Evacuation chairs must be easy to train. Purchase evacuation chairs with training materials User guide, DVD.

4. Do not rely on power supply

Whether your mobile stair lift’s battery is low or a power outage makes your permanent lift unusable, an emergency is not the time to be stranded. Thankfully, manual climbing chairs work no matter what!Click on EA-6F for more information!

5. Compact storage

These evacuation stair chairs are very portable. They can be neatly and easily folded up and stored in closets, ambulances or fire trucks. Keep them handy when you need them, otherwise keep them away from you.

emergency evacuation chair,fire evacuation chair,stair climbing chair,evacuation stair chairs

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