7 Factors to consider when choosing a Portable suction equipment at home


The beginning of the “virus season” is a good time to promote routine and “on demand” maintenance of all home care equipment, including potentially contaminated/infected suction equipment and other hospital respiratory equipment. A suction machine is a device designed to help remove mucus from the respiratory tract, which is especially important for keeping it clean because dirt and bacteria close to a child’s airway can increase the risk of illness.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put enormous strain on our healthcare system. Today, medical teams are battling a highly circulating virus under difficult conditions. Cross-contamination is a real danger on the well-known front lines. In the fight against COVID-19, portable suction machines provide important and timely benefits by reducing cross-contamination and facilitating multifunctional care.

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1. The customer base

Older people, children, rapid response teams, residential/nursing home staff, palliative/respite care teams, respiratory nurses and patients cared for by district nurses will have different needs and abilities.

2. Environmental

Most suction machines are used for palliative care or district care services. Patients with limited mobility or bedridden should be considered. It is no good buying suction machines that are not easy to carry – especially if children are using them.

The HBS Portable Suction Equipment shows all of these features, so it is our ideal choice. Patients who have used it will feel satisfied when they compare it to products they have used before. A lot of Portable suction equipment was purchased by the community child care team. Kids and parents love it because it lacks a “clinical look,” and because the device is portable and self-contained, it’s perfect for kids on vacation or school.

3. Easy to use

The machine must be rugged and provide enough pressure to adequately clear the airway without causing trauma. Consider the coordination and manual dexterity of the person using the device; The suction machine should be simple enough for anyone to use. Limiting the number of functions, buttons, and pipe connections reduces the potential for confusion and error.

4. Cost

The right machine can be expensive. Some trusts advocate two machines per patient: one for use at home and one for travel.

5. Infection control

There is no need to worry about secretions entering the inside of the equipment, automatic alarm when full bottle.

6. Portability

The use of medical equipment is not limited to domestic use, such as children going to school. Therefore, the device must be able to run through batteries or power adapters. A carrying case or storage device also ensures portability and is a great way to keep your wires, batteries, and instructions together.


When used at home, the appearance of the machine is important. Kids especially like their devices to look “user-friendly.” When they are at home or at school, anything that looks very clinical can be offensive.

8. Warranty and service

The longer the warranty period offered, the better, as this will help keep costs down.

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