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EA-3B1 Hospital Emergency Foldable Stretcher for Ambulance Car

WANROOEMED provides several types of ambulance stretcher suitable for your difference choice.

It is new kind of automatic loading ambulance stretcher, which can be matched with the ambulance as well as used for transferring the patient in the hospital. It is made of high quality aluminum alloy, with good structure and large loading capacity, easy to operation.
The surface of the stretcher legs and beams with hard anodized aluminu,, processing which improve the intensity and prevent scratching to the surface.

It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, with features of light-weighted, use-safely and easy for sterilization and clean. The joint is cast by aluminum alloy. The bed surface is made of foamed cushion, the back can be adjustable, which makes the wounded feel comfortable. The mechanical folding legs are controlled by the handles on both sides. The stretcher with safety lock, it must be locked up when transport the patients, and opened out when get on the ambulance. There are fixed bracket which can fix the stretcher on the ambulance board. Only one person can send the patient to the ambulance.

Detailed Product Description:
It is designed with 6 different positions according to different requirements. The back section can be adjusted by pneumatic springs freely. Equipped with front and back fixing support, the stretcher can be locked into ambulance.

Technical features:

Adjustable height: 65-85cm

The backrest can be adjusted from 0 - 65 deg by gas spring

Swing-down side rails to protect patient when transfer

The mechanical legs are controlled by the handles in both sides

Only one person can slide the stretcher on to the ambulance

The stretcher can be locked by the fixing device when it is in the ambulance

It is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel

φ150mm wide rubber castors

Mainly used for ambulance, hospitals, emergency centers


Waterproof seamless welding PVC mattress(5cm thickness foam)

3pcs belts for chest, hip and knee

Fixing device


IV pole 


Oxygen holder

Full automatic loading without handles control

EA-3B1 Stretcher for Ambulance Car Technical Info:


High position

Low position

Max angle of
the backrest

Max angle of
the knee part


Load bearing















WANROOEMED has many affordable ambulance stretchers to choose from, with the quality and performance health care professionals

demand for the safety of their patients. Our stretchers are priced to meet the most demanding of budgets, giving you and your organization

durable, new equipment built to last. Our lightweight, aluminum alloy construction makes it easier to operate without sacrificing the durability 

and strength a stretcher should have. emergency stretcher

We offer many types of stretchers to meet your specific needs. Our stretchers are made available and used by medical facilities, universities, 

emergency response units, nursing homes, medical professionals world-wide and even for personal use to care and transport family members in need. 

We also carry locking mechanisms to install in your vehicle to secure the stretcher in place while in transit. Let Mobi Medical Supply fulfill your need 

for a quality ambulance stretcher when you are in the market looking for stretchers for sale you can trust.

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