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GA004 Funeral Lowering Device Foldable Mortuary Electric Body And Casket Lifter

ROOEMED extra heavy-duty casket and body lifter will easily handle up to 1000 lbs. With it's nine 4″ swivel casters you can maneuver this body lifter through a doorway with ease.

GA004 Electric Body And Casket Lifter Features :

New adjustable body carriage.

Two 2″ nylon web straps are also included for lifting caskets.

Heavy duty hydraulic jack will lift the heaviest body from floor to cart or table with virtually no effort.

Made of extra sturdy, all steel square tubular construction with durable powder-coat finish.

This allows you to adjust all 4 body straps easily to accommodate any body from head to toe.

Comes with four 2″ Adjustable washable nylon web body straps, which adjust to the girth of any body.

The two straps that go under the body are attached to a wand - just slip the want under the body and the straps follow with ease. 



Load Capacity 1000 lbs.

4″ Swivel Wheels 9

Base Width 39.75″

Base Depth 33.25″

Floor Clearance 6.5″

Boom Bar High 72″

Boom Bar Low 31″

Body carriage Width 37″ - 62″

Body Straps 4

Casket Straps 2

Shipping Wt. 190 lbs. (Approximate wt.)

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