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GA301 Stainless Steel Corpse Cold Storage Dead Body Mortuary Refrigerator

ROOEMED Mortuary Freezer Is Used For Storage Corpse, With 1/2/3/4/6 Body Size.
Feature of updating door: no welding point on four corner, more beautiful, better hot insulation effect.
Control System: The Mortuary Refrigerator thermostat, digital display, high precision temperature control with over-temperature and sound and light alarm.
Cooling system: closed cooling system, cooling speed quickly. Using a stand-alone single control, single cycle refrigeration system, a layer of an independent cooling system. Can work simultaneously, can also work alone.
Insulation material: stainless steel casing, polyurethane integral foam insulation with excellent results, about 10cm thickness and density about 40kg/M3
Refrigerant: R406A standard
Alarm: when temperature not in setting range, will alarm by sound and light.
Evaporator: built-quality copper, seamless integration, and beautiful than traditional wall-mounted, the cooling effect is more significant.
Cavity drawer, made of stainless steel, imported high-quality slide profiles.
NOTE: German brand Danfoss compressor and import air blower option. Our suggestion: if ulta low-temperature, we recommend Danfoss compressor, if ordinary, Chinese brand will be enough.
With castors, easy to move in morgue


Product modeQuantityVoltageTemperature inside boxExterior size
(Depth* Width*Height)mm
WeightPackage size/mmBody trayvoltage
GA3011Corpse220V/50HZ standard+5ºC to -10ºC
2480*800*620 100kg2560*900*750 
Standard: 1940X610mm

Temperature factory default temperature is +5ºC to -10ºC, if customer has special requirement, we can make too.
Door size: 630*440*40(thickness)mm
Bottom layer: 260mm second layer: 780mm, top layer: 1320mm
Side loading type of freezer available according to customer's requirement
Comparing with old model, with following feature:
control panel in back of mortuary freezer, easy for maintenance
concave body tray
lower height for easy shipping and loading body into the mortuary chamber
Price is cheaper comparing with ordinary model

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