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EB-3A Medical Emergency Body Splint Ked Kendrick Extrication Eevice

EB-3A Body Splint(Kendrick Extrication Device) is ideal for extricating and immobilizing patients from auto accidents and other confined spaces. The wrap-around design provides horizontal flexibility for easy application and vertical rigidity for maximum support of the spine, neck, and head during extrication. The KED immobilizes the torso, head and neck, enabling prompt extrication while minimizing risks of further injury. X-rays or advanced life support procedures can be performed with the KED in place.

Typically there are two head straps, three torso straps, and two legs straps which are used to adequately secure the KED to the victim. Unlike a long spine board or litter, the KED uses a series of wooden or polymer bars in a nylon jacket, allowing the responders to immobilize the neck and upper spine and remove the victim from the vehicle or other confined space. Although the KED can also be used to immobilize infants and children, it is preferable to use specifically designed pediatric immobilization devices should be used whenever possible. If the KED is used to immobilize an infant or child, appropriate padding must be used to ensure complete immobilization in a manner that does not obscure the thorax and abdomen, thereby preventing continued assessment of these vital areas.

Technical Specifications:

ModelSizeHead StripsSelf WeightLoadingPacking

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