A few reasons to choose a roll splint


When people are injured and fractured, splinting is often necessary to prevent secondary injuries and to facilitate subsequent surgery and recovery treatment.


When using a normal splint for fixation, the splint should not be too tight. If the splint is too tight, it may cause the blood vessels to break, leaving the patient with a numbness, coldness or pain at the injured area.

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However, if the fracture splint is too loose, it will not achieve the purpose of fixing the bone. In order to ensure the stability of the patient’s condition, it is important to use splints to fix the patient’s bones with a moderate amount of force and to make the patient feel more comfortable.


Ordinary orthopedic splints are generally made of rough materials and are hard, which can easily cause discomfort and may lead to pressure sores. The orthopedic roll splint can overcome these problems very well.


roll splint,orthopedic splint,fracture splint,sam splint,aluminium splint

1. Highly malleable


The roll splint has strong plasticity and can be shaped to the injured part of the patient at will, without the restriction of bone form, and can be used for some strong or thin patients, so the use of the object is relatively wide.


2. Good elasticity and fixity


It has a certain elasticity and fixity, can be well fixed bones, will not be too loose or too tight, and because of this he can be fixed in the process of making patients feel more comfortable, will not have a strong sense of pressure or pain.


The rolled splint not only solves the problem of inaccurate control of the strength of the splint by medical personnel, but also reduces the pain of the patient in the treatment process, which has a strong practicality.


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