Advantages of using a mortuary freezer


A mortuary is the most suitable place to store a body until relatives can no longer identify it. When the burial/cremation ceremony begins a few days later, the body freezing process is to prevent the body from rotting.

Nowadays, even hospitals have mortuary freezers. Bodies waiting to be identified will stay in these boxes longer.

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There are basically two types of mortuary freezers

1. Positive temperature – the temperature at which the body is stored between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius. Within this range, the body breaks down, but at a slower rate.

2. Negative temperature – the box temperature is 10 to 50 degrees Celsius. This type of freezer is used in forensic laboratories. The body remains completely frozen, so decomposition is almost zero.

The morgue maintains a suitable environment for the body. This reduces the growth of bacteria in the body. In addition, antibacterial powders can also be used in these freezers to stop the growth of pathogens.


A stainless steel body freezer helps protect the body from decay. The packaging used to freeze the body consists of solid materials. The body freezer no longer emits any foul odor, and the temperature varies between 2 degrees Celsius and -15 degrees Celsius. The body freezer is equipped with a digital temperature indicator and controller that automatically changes the temperature according to the needs of the body. They take up less space and can safely store bodies. Therefore, for hospitals and autopsy centers, freezers are the best choice for storing bodies in a limited space.

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