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GA201 Mortuary Autopsy Table Embalming Table Corpse Dissection Anatomical Table

Product Use:
After the body is cleaned, the body is weighed and measured before being placed on the autopsy table for reexamination. The autopsy table is typically a slanted, aluminum table with raised edges that has several faucets and drains used to wash away collecting blood during the internal investigation.

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Autopsy Table Embalming Table Description:

Autopsy table is designed to provide a versatile, stable platform for embalming and/or autopsies. The rugged embalming table provides an easy and effective way to help perform your duties inside the morgue. Mortuary table is made of 304 stainless steel, safe and high quality work will bring users efficient work. With its sturdy construction and easy-to-clean stainless steel structure, The table is the perfect table for morgues, autopsy rooms and medical lab. Liquid can flow out of the table. The table is designed for movement and can be moved freely with other equipment.

We custom design, manufacture and install everything needed for a modern, fully functional autopsy room. All our autopsy tables are made of premium stainless steel.

Autopsy Table Corpse Dissection Features:

1.This table is constructed of a stainless steel top with a convex surface, Stainless Steel Frame and 5 “ball-bearing wheel.

2. It is equipped with 4 quality universal wheels to ensure easy movement of the device.

3.The swivel wheels lock to keep the table stationary while in use.

4.The drain, located in the center of the foot end, quickly eliminates fluid from the table.

5. Combination table is ideal for anticorrosion and transfer

Model GA201
Size 2080×770×870mm
Weight 37kgs
Load bearing 135kgs
Packing Quantity 1 set/wooden case
Size 2150×830×280mm
G.W 50kgs