AV-2000B1 Hospital Portable Ventilator Ambulance Medical Ventilator

A medical ventilator is a machine that helps the lungs work. It’s used for breathing problems that can accompany a variety of conditions. Babies, children, and adults may need a medical ventilator for a short time while recovering from an illness or other issue.

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AV-2000B1 Ambulance Oxygen Breathing Machine Features:
AV-2000B1 Portable Ventilator, suitable for ambulance vehicle use.
AV-2000B1 Vertical Ventilator is a multi-functional ventilator, it is applicable for children and adults in sickroom, ICU or for emergency.
Nine gear temperature control system with heating protection function.Breathing Machine, Oxygen Breathing Machine, Portable Ventilator, Portable Breathing Machine , Ambulance Ventilator

Display colored LCD, touch screen setting, big font display, free changeable angles of views
Various ventilation modes SIPPV,SIMV,PCV,SPONT,MANUAL,CPAP
Ventilation parameters PEEP,SIGH,IRV,Inspiratory platform
Tidal Volume 50-1500 mL
Rate 1~99bpm
SIMVrate 2~20bpm
I:E 4:1~1:8
Trigger sensitivity -1.0~1.0kPa
PEEP 0~25cmH2O
Pressure control 3~50cmH2O
SIGH 1.5 times the inspiratory time (60 ~ 120 times adjustable)
Inspiratory platform 0~50%
Oxygen concentration 48%~100%
Pressure limit 5~60cmH2O
Parameters for ventilation monitoring tidal volume, ventilation volume, IPPV rate, total respiratory rate, peak pressure of airway, pressure – time waveform, flow rate – time waveform, inspiratory trigger pressure, Inspiratory platform, Oxygen concentration, battery capacity
Airway pressure alarm upper limit setting range   0.3~6.0 kPa
lower limit setting range 0.2~5.0 kPa
Per-minute ventilation volume alarm upper limit setting range 3.0~30L/min
lower limit setting range 1.0~10L/min
Vt alarm upper limit setting range 10~2000ml
lower limit setting range 0~1800 ml
Sustained high-pressure alarm it will give alarm when stress have consistently been higher than 2.5 kPa
Suffocation alarm it will give sound and light alarm if there is no tidal volume input for 15 seconds
Power AC 220V±10%     50Hz±1Hz
 UPS, Storage battery