Basket Rescue Stretcher Has A Wide Range Of Uses


Experience tells us that rescue workers use Basket Rescue Stretcher for a variety of purposes. It can be carried, dragged or rolled over terrain, or floated in water. Basket stretchers are not only reliable support for rescuers on land, but also become an integral part of water rescue.

Use Basket rescue Stretcher for water rescue in rain or rain

All kinds of rescue missions, whether in floods, inshore or out at sea, fall within the scope of coastal rescue. Therefore, it is even more important to have the right equipment that can withstand water conditions and ensure the best support for emergency services.

But water rescues also rely on basket stretchers. Emergency Basket stretcher is perfect for water use because it folds up and therefore saves space. Emergency services are not hampered by any rigid, bulky flotation devices. This means that anyone rescued by the emergency services does not have to be constantly moved from one piece of equipment to another. They can be rescued from the water, brought back by boat and handed over to emergency services on land. This means that the same stretcher can be used to transport the patient throughout the rescue, as unnecessary movement often puts the patient at great risk.

The water in and around the stretcher allows it to slide and provides the necessary buoyancy for all involved. Rescue workers can keep the stretcher stable while the victim remains motionless against the resistance of the water. Ultimately, this makes water transportation safer and easier.

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Rescue from high ground

The use of helicopters to search for missing people is not uncommon. That could mean covering large areas of water more quickly, or guiding lifeboats to missing people. The rescue site is up to 15 kilometers from shore.

Water rescues past and present

It’s not just equipment that makes water rescues easier today than ever before. In the past, local fishermen often played an important role in saving lives, but now there are highly qualified experts who can provide comprehensive first aid and medical treatment directly on the spot. Even in the hot summer months, casualties can quickly develop hypothermia, further increasing the need for proper treatment.


Basket Rescue Stretcher proves its worth in the water with excellent results. To ensure long service life, we recommend rinsing with clean water after use to remove any salt water.

Whether at sea, in inland waters or in flood waters — if you need to demonstrate your rescue skills, the Basket Stretcher can provide you with comprehensive training and advice on site to check what equipment you might need.

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