• best aed defibrillator,biphasic defibrillator ,360 joules defibrillator
  • best aed defibrillator,biphasic defibrillator ,360 joules defibrillator

S8/S8 Basic 360 Joules Best AED Defibrillator Biphasic Defibrillator

Introducing the new S8 defibrillator/monitor, offering a wide choice of parameters and features to suit your own budget. Designed for pre-hospital and hospital environments, it is a great value defibrillator/monitor. We have every confidence that this defibrillator will meet your needs and expectations.

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360 Joules Best AED Defibrillator Biphasic Defibrillator Description:

The best aed defibrillator S8 series helps rescuers deliver rapid defibrillation therapy when it is needed most. The biphasic defibrillator is both an automatic and manual defibrillator, a multiparameter monitor and a pacemaker. In AED mode, the defibrillator automatically analyzes the heart rhythm and indicates whether a shock is required.
The 360 joules defibrillator features biphasic technology with automatic impedance compensation that increases shock intensity up to 360J, increasing the chances of successfully rescuing difficult-to-defibrillate patients. Automatic daily self-tests and a reliable, long-lasting battery ensure the device is always ready to go when needed.

360 Joules Best AED Defibrillator Biphasic Defibrillator Features:


Manual defibrillation modes include synchronous electrical cardioversion and non-synchronous electrical defibrillation.


For patients with cardiac arrest and acute severe bradycardia, the non-invasive pacing mode in vitro has rapid effect, simple operation and easy to master, saving rescue time and improving the success rate of resuscitation.


Various monitoring functions including ETCO2, invasive blood pressure and 12-lead electrocardiogram are optional for continuous monitoring of patients’ vital signs.


Using patented analytical algorithms, automated analysis and simple operation, it guides clinical emergency personnel to provide defibrillation and basic life support.


best aed defibrillator,biphasic defibrillator ,360 joules defibrillator

1. Menu knob to complete manual defibrillation, pacing, monitoring and AED mode switch.

2.3 Step to complete the defibrillation operation: Energy select – Charge – Click

3. Standard 5-lead ECG monitoring, optional 12-lead monitoring.

4.1-360J energy selection, higher energy provides higher defibrillation success rate.

5. Large capacity battery to meet clinical emergency needs.

6. 50mm/80mm thermal printer for clearer printing of drawings.

7. Powerful recording storage function, which can record the AED operation process of each patient in detail.

8. With automatic and manual self-test function.

9. Event backtracking and trend data storage functions.

10. Provide intelligent networking solutions to obtain patient information anytime and anywhere.