Blessings to the Mid-Autumn Festival!



With the Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner, Rooe has prepared gift baskets and boxes of delicious mooncakes for its members and staff to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival and enjoy this extra special time with people from all over the world.


I wish you a memorable Mid-Autumn Festival!




The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, understand the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival, feel the modern Mid-Autumn Festival unique artistic.


Myths and legends

Chang e

The myth of “Chang ‘e flying to the moon” originated from the worship of stars in ancient times. The story of Chang ‘e flying to the moon first appeared in The book “Collection”.Later, the folk story was further developed and evolved into several versions of the story.Chang E boarded the moon palace, according to the Western Han Dynasty “Huainan Son”, because she stole from her husband Yi from the west five mother of the elixir of death, flew into the moon palace, turned into the toad of the tamping medicine.

Wu gang won

Wu Gang climbed to the moon palace and, according to the Tang dynasty novel Youyang Persecuting him, it was because he had made a mistake in pruning the laurel trees in the moon.This osmanthus grows with the cutting, and is cut for ever.

Yutu dao medicine

The rabbit ascended the moon palace to pound the medicine, first appeared in Qu Yuan’s “Tian Wen”.This means, what good is a tiger in the belly of the moon to the moon? So how did the rabbit get to the moon? Gu is the toad and the tiger is the white rabbit.According to Wen Yiduo’s research, this “white rabbit mash” is from the “toad mash”.

Chang ‘e has a jade Rabbit beside her.It is said that Chang ‘e’s body became lighter and when she began to ascend into the sky, she picked up the white rabbit she had been feeding in panic.The white Rabbit went to the moon with her.The Jade Rabbit has a pestle in the moon palace. At night, it pound in the mortar to make the elixir of immortality.


When coming together with your family it is common to gift items to show appreciation. The most commonly gifted items during the Mid-Autumn Festival period are:

Mooncakes — the go-to gift

Tea — to accompany those delicious mooncakes

Fruit Baskets — For a Healthy but Delicious Option

Osmanthus wine — A traditional pairing with mooncakes

We have prepared a holiday gift for the staff, bring them the holiday blessing, we express our heart to the moon, full moon singing, together to meet the coming reunion night.




ROOE Group wishes you a blissful and cheerful Mid-Autumn Festival!

May the brightness of the moon and stars fill your life with positivity and happiness.


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