BSS100-2/100-3 Hospital Stainless Steel Medical Scrub Sink

According to the ministry of Public Security level of demonstration of criminal science and technology anatomic room construction requirements specially designed, using stainless steel SUS high quality plate molding, seijin production, acid and alkali resistant, the overall shape luxury atmosphere.

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BSS100-2/100-3 Stainless Steel Scrub Sink Features:
1.The pool in the circular arc molding no dead Angle easy to clean. Easy to wash and disinfect, acid and alkali resistant
2.Tank bevel design, splash proof. The water outlet of the pool is provided with a hair isolator
3.An infrared sensor faucet is installed above the pool, which is sterile in contact and effectively prevents cross infection of bacteria
4.Water discharge and closing is automatically completed by the sensor, convenient and hygienic, effective elimination of bacterial cross infection
5.There is an automatic soap dispenser in front of the pool for easy access. Hand sanitizer can be added
6.There is a cooling and heating regulating valve above the tank (the hot water source is provided by the user)
7.The lower part of the pool is the storage cabinet and maintenance door, with internal baffle to store items
8.The cabinet door is equipped with handle for easy opening and use
9.Equipped with leakage protection device, waterproof socket, voltage 220V. 50HZ, current 1. 5A
BSS100-2: 1600* 650*1000mm
BSS100-3: 2000* 650* 1000mm

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