Cadaver Cooler – a must for funeral homes and crematoriums


When someone dies, one of the most difficult things for those left behind to deal with is the physical absence, especially after the funeral home has taken the deceased into their care. Families must place an almost blind trust in the funeral home, and maintaining that trust is a serious obligation for funeral professionals. The expectation of the family is that their loved one will not decompose while in the care of the funeral home, whether they choose to embalm or not. It is necessary to keep the deceased refrigerated in your care to delay the decomposition process.

Whether you have a new or existing funeral home, mortuary or crematorium, a cadaver cooler can provide all your funeral needs and equipment.

The cadaver cooler is essential equipment for mortuaries and is used not only in mortuaries but also in funeral homes and crematoria. Mortuary coolers have become very popular over the last few years as they are both beneficial and convenient.

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Why choose the cadaver cooler?

Here are a few reasons why you should use a mortuary cooler.

To protect the body
cadaver coolers act as human refrigerators as they are used to keep the body at a colder temperature. The cooler slows down the decomposition of the deceased by providing a consistent cool temperature that allows the body to freeze.

Storing the body
Body coolers can also be used to store dead bodies. Bodies can be stored in the cooler while not being processed or while waiting for a funeral. Unidentified bodies are stored in the cooler while waiting to be identified to ensure they remain identifiable. Bodies involved in the investigation can also be stored in these coolers while the investigation continues.

The units are environmentally friendly
Compared to embalming, morgue refrigerators are more environmentally friendly. Whereas embalming requires the use of chemicals to protect the body, which can be costly and toxic to the environment, morgue coolers freeze the body to prevent the decomposition process from happening immediately until the body is buried.

They are more affordable
Compared to other methods of body preservation such as embalming, morgue refrigerators are more affordable. Embalming requires the use of expensive chemical preservatives, whereas a morgue cooler requires only a little energy. These coolers are also very durable and you can choose the temperature at which to store the deceased.

The body cooler has many uses and offers many benefits. However, they can take up space, especially if you have a small room. Nevertheless, you can still get a custom-made cooler to better manage the space and provide the specific size of cooler you want to manufacture.

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