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GA203 Cadaver Table Stainless Steel Table With Drain Hole

The anatomage table is the advanced technology available for your institution. There are no chemicals, no unpleasant smell, no recurring facility.

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Cadaver Table Stainless Steel Table With Drain Hole Description:

The anatomage table is suitable for the use of common autopsy instruments as well as cleaning and disinfecting products. Cadaver table stainless steel consists of a platform with edges designed to accommodate appropriately sloped liquids without sharp edges, with a special slope that allows water to flow smoothly down the drain. Each table has a sink with a hot and cold mixer.

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Stainless Steel Table With Drain Hole Features:

1. Strong stainless steel frame work constructed 201 grade of SS material.
2. Tabletop with a drainage hole, made of 304 stainless steel.
3. Provided with a built stainless steel sink, connected wastewater tube, easy to clean.
4. Provision of hot and cold water shower Tap.
5. A detachable shower head allows you to spray the entire surface area, while a built-in drainage system provides quick cleaning.
6. Manually operated sinks and drains to keep liquids away from the funeral home.

Main Parameter
Model GA203
Size 2300(L) *800(W) * 850(H)mm
Packing (1set/wooden case): 2380*850*500mm