Choose an embalming table for the corpse


Embalming is simply the act of preserving bodies to make them look natural at the funeral. Of course, disposing of dead bodies is highly sensitive and requires great skill and cleanliness.
A mortician may need nothing more than a table. This can’t just be any old table; In general, however, funeral home tables are made of stainless steel/surgical grade steel because it keeps the body cool and makes it easy to stay sterile. A table is essential to a funeral home because almost everything is done on it — embalming, dressing the body, makeup and autopsy.
Usually, one end of these tables is usually required to easily drain any blood or fluid during autopsy and embalming, designed to prevent bodily fluids from entering the body and create a clean work area.

GA202 Funeral Stainless Steel Hydraulic Embalming Table  provides hydraulic power for you. Hydraulic control makes it easy to adjust this table. You can easily move the table using sturdy casters. Tilt and height adjustment are accomplished by hydraulic foot pedals. The embalming table offers quick adjustment and personalization with the option to lower or raise either end to 28.5 inches to 40.5 inches above the ground for easy preparation from a standing or sitting position.
However, hydraulic power is not the only distinguishing feature of the operating table. The protruding tabletop allows fluid to escape from the body, and ultra-deep grooves around the perimeter eliminate the need for a splash shield. The drain pipe is located in the center of the foot to quickly remove the liquid from the table. All four 8-inch rotating wheels can be locked instantly by a foot pedal. Stainless steel is easier to maintain.
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Mortuary tables are used for autopsies, embalming, dressing the body for a funeral, temporary body storage, and for teaching purposes. These tables are specifically designed to keep embalming and bodily fluids away from the mortician or medical professional. A well-constructed autopsy table is critical to maintaining a safe and clean work environment within your mortuary or funeral home.

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