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Color Coded Spider Strap Backboard Straps Body Immobilization

The Spider Strap is an innovative strapping system for securing patients to the full backboard or scoop stretcher. It is easy to use, efficient and will rapidly become an essential piece of equipment. The Spider Strap is quickly applied and holds the patient securely and comfortably to the backboard. Available in polypropylene or nylon.

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Color Coded Spider Strap Backboard Straps Body Immobilization Features:

1. 10 support points on all sides, 4 adjustable torso/limb straps and 2 shoulder straps. Easily fixed to the shoulder and foot areas of the backboard.
2. Allow quick and effective gripping of the patient through the Velcro system.
3. The main belt system can be fixed quickly and firmly.
4. Size can be adjusted through the carabiner. Suitable for adults and children.
5. Suitable for any spine board or scoop stretcher that can fit this belt.
6. It can be used for water rescue, mountain, home or road