• body fridge, mortuary freezer
  • body fridge, mortuary freezer
  • body fridge, mortuary freezer

GA303 Coold Room Mortuary Freezer 3 Body Fridge

Product Introduction:
Our mortuary refrigerators and freezers consist of walk-in, small door, forensic lab and cadaver lockers. Standard and custom fridge systems are designed to meet morgue and other facility needs.

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Coold Room Mortuary Freezer 3 Body Fridge Description:

These body fridge are perfect for storing bodies in funeral homes and morgues and are made with fire-retardant high density. The body fridge is flanked with corrosion-resistant white coated steel or stainless steel. The cold storage for dead body is fully assembled and runs simply by inserting the device into a socket. There are also 1/2/3/4/6/8/9 airframe sizes available. The GA303 mortuary refrigerator holds three cadavers.

Coold Room Mortuary Freezer 3 Body Fridge Features:

1. The refrigerator is made of high-quality stainless steel with polyurethane foam insulation to reduce heat loss.
2. The refrigeration system of each room can be controlled independently, and the temperature can be adjusted individually.
3. Each chamber has a separate compressor; a compressor failure does not affect the operation of other chambers.
4. The chambers come with trays that can be pushed and pulled for bodies.
5. Safe door lock design to prevent arbitrary opening.
6. Each door has a temperature control system with digital display and push button to set the temperature control value.
7. Temperature record printing system for on-site printing of temperature.
8. Cold air circulation system to ensure uniform temperature inside the box.
9. China Arnoldan compressor, environmental protection non-fluorine refrigeration system.
10. power failure memory function, permanent storage of temperature data.
11. Triple alarm mode: 1. sound buzzer alarm 2. light flashing alarm 3. optional remote alarm.
12. Seven system obstacle alarm: 1. high temperature alarm 2. low temperature alarm 3. sensor fault alarm 4. open the door alarm 5. power alarm 6. low spare battery alarm 7. low voltage alarm.
13. Power supply 220-240V/ 50HZ-60Hz, can provide backup power supply (UPS) according to customer requirements.

body fridge, mortuary freezer

1. Stainless steel 201/304 material
2. Cabinet LED lamp, cabinet drainage system
3. Imported compressor SECOP
4. Inlet ventilation system

Product mode GA303
Quantity 3Corpse
Temperature inside box +5℃ to -10℃
Exterior size 2280*800*1785mm
Weight 300kg
Package size 2320*860*1945mm
Body tray  1940*575mm
voltage 654W