Cost of An Emergency Ambulance Stretcher


Emergency Ambulance stretcher is a medical transport device used to provide extensive care to patients with serious injuries. Stretchers are designed to save the lives of medical staff when every minute counts.

Emergency ambulance stretcher is an important lifesaver for medical staff. Operators’ ability to save lives can be undermined by the lack of durability or poor design of the stretchers they use to transport patients. In the medical field, potential accidents must be minimized, because that is the last thing a hospital wants.

There are various types of ambulance stretchers and the purpose of ambulance stretchers is to provide better quality equipment to help rescue seriously injured people. Through the new design and manufacture of the various parts of the stretcher, reliability is increased because the number of accidents/potential failures of the stretcher is reduced.

Various factors come into play when you talk about cost, for example the cost of stretcher bed Ambulance includes the cost of canvas or synthetic materials for the patient’s rest area, and the cost of frames ranges from aluminum to stainless steel to mild steel.

Problems encountered when transporting patients on ambulance stretchers

The staff must simultaneously meet two equally important goals, the nursing staff is taking care of the patient and providing good care, and taking care of the patient’s safety with the best care so that the patient is in the best condition when he/she arrives at the hospital.

Another challenge is that the navigator/pilot/ambulance driver should be as vigilant as possible when crossing the city and in our case be careful to get to the destination in order to be able to get to the hospital quickly but safely.

All of this is only possible through the safe and reliable transfer of the patient from their location to the ambulance, and then from the ambulance to the hospital, as well as functional paramedics or staff.

With all of this, the cost of stretcher Bed Ambulance depends largely on its materials, durability, features, design and quality.

The goal of the new design is to maximize stretcher functionality and stretcher reliability while increasing patient comfort to reduce further damage caused by vibrations transmitted through the ambulance due to uneven road surfaces.

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Average cost of emergency ambulance stretcher 

Basic Stretcher Types Average Cost Net Weight Load Bearing
Auto loader 24,000 – 55,000 <40kgs <170kgs
Scoop stretcher 7,000 – 15,000 <10kgs <100kgs
Foldable stretcher 3,500 – 7,000 <11kgs <100kgs
Wheelchair cum Ambulance stretcher 40,000 – 1,80,000 <40kgs <160kgs
Spine board 4,000 – 10,000 <7kgs <120kgs

Components contained in ambulance stretcher

Wheel system (mainly steel or plastic grey wheel hubs)

Lower frame (mostly aluminum plated)

The elevator system

Relocatable gas spring

The upper frame consists of

Pipe rack

Perforated back

Training wheels

Mattress (mainly foam or viscose elastic polyurethane foam memory mattress, sealed in neoprene cover)

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