• cpr resuscitator,breathing apparatus,disposable resuscitator,manual resuscitator,sebs resuscitator
  • cpr resuscitator,breathing apparatus,disposable resuscitator,manual resuscitator,sebs resuscitator

EB83 CPR Resuscitator Breathing Apparatus SEBS Manual Disposable Resuscitator

EB83 PVC Manual Resuscitator is mainly used for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and general artificial respiratory assistance so that the patient can maintain normal breathing shortly before recovery

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CPR Resuscitator Breathing Apparatus Disposable Resuscitator Description:

Single person CPR resuscitator is designed for manual ventilation, ranging in size from adult to newborn. Breathing apparatus’s uniquely ergonomic shape is small and easy to hold, yet provides the best range with just one hand. The Disposable Resuscitator comes with one or more masks and accessories.

The manual Resuscitator is a manually-operated, compressible, self-filling ventilation bag which minimizes the risk of over-inflating with non-re-breathing patient valve and pressure limiting valve and intake valve with oxygen pipe connector. The SEBS Resuscitator can be disassembled for cleaning, disinfection or autoclaving.

We offer resuscitators in three sizes:

EB8311: for adult and child

EB8321: for child and infant

EB8331: for infant and neonate

SEBS Disposable Manual Resuscitator Features:

1.Non- toxic, non-irritating odor, good elasticity, durable,easy to disinfect

2.With automatic pressure limit value to ensure safety

3.PVC material is disposable, Silicone material is reusable

Model Infant Pediatric Adult
specifications infant≤10kg 10 Adult>33kgs
Min volume infant≤100ml >300ml >600ml
Pressure limiting valve pressure 40cmH2O 40cmH2O 60cmH2O
Atmos valve joint for patient side 15mm&22mm
Respiratory positive pressure valve Joint 30mm, pressure value 5-20cm H2O adjustable
Sacculus volume 340ml 680ml 1630ml
Gas storage bag volume 1600ml 1600ml 2000ml
Package 56*34*46cm/8pcs 56*34*46cm/8pcs 56*34*46cm/8pcs
Oxygen concentration reference
Oxygen flow (L/min) 3 5 10 10 4
ventilation frequency  (Times/min) 12 12 12 20 30
Ventilation volumn(ml) 500 500 500 250 40
Oxygen concentration % 60 86 95 95 92
Accessories: Reservoir bag, aspirated valve, air blender ,mask, oxygen tube, airway, case
Optional accessories: silicone face mask, oxygen tube, reservoir bag,PEEP valve,B valve,airways,nose clip,mouth opener
Optional package: PP case/paper box/polybag