Difference between stretcher and gurney


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Stretcher has become one of the most popular terms, widely used globally to describe such equipment for transporting patients. This is called a “device for carrying people who must lie flat and cannot move on their own.”


Stretcher is the original term for a bedlike device used to transport patients. The original stretchers consisted of just two poles and fabric, lifted by two or more people at each end. Then came modern stretchers on wheels for easy transportation on sidewalks and so on.



Another word is Gurney, which is “a device used to move a patient in need of medical care.”


A gurney is essentially a stretcher, but the legs fold horizontally, making it easier to lift the patient and place him on it. Anyway, a gurney is just a stretcher that folds up.


Regardless of what you, your facility, or the manufacturer choose to call it, essentially all iterations mean something similar – “a reusable mobile device for brief or short-term use in a healthcare setting where patients are adequately supported during treatment” for transportation/transfer for the purpose of care, nursing, examination, and/or treatment.”


Although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, stretchers are different from gurneys that are fitted with wheels and can be moved by one person. Stretchers are easier to carry and more likely to be used in emergency situations, especially in battlefield and field search and rescue operations.


When soldiers are inevitably wounded, high-tech weapons and advantages are meaningless, and nothing is more important to the wounded themselves than being able to be evacuated safely and receive effective medical care. Military stretchers can help rescue workers quickly complete the wounded transport, is an indispensable rescue equipment.



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