• human remains pouch,disaster pouch,disaster pouch body bag,peva body bag,bloody body bag
  • human remains pouch,disaster pouch,disaster pouch body bag,peva body bag,bloody body bag

GA4022 Disaster Human Remains Pouch PEVA Bloody Body Bag

Different from the past methods of extracting oxygen or injecting preservatives into the body bag and using dry ice to slow down the decomposition of the corpse, only storing the corpse in the funeral bag can play the role of anti-bacteria and anti-corrosion. Special Double puller will never make the stench emit, at the same time, prevent the air circulation. Funeral body bag also inhibits the bacterial reproduction.

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Human Remains Pouch PEVA Bloody Body Bag Description:

As the epidemic spreads, the characteristics of body bags are becoming increasingly important. Accordingly, its waterproof and deodorant function appears to be crucial. Human Remains Pouch can be used in hospitals, morgues, and accident scenes. Disaster Pouch They are made of PEVA fabric + PP woven fabric. Body bags are environmentally friendly, pollution-free and can be burned directly. Disaster Pouch Body Bag is %100 waterproof and odourproof. Therefore, the health of the person carrying the body is guaranteed. The edges of the Peva body bag are seamless and disposable. Bloody Body Bag is designed for the safe and environmentally friendly recovery and transport of infectious human remains for direct cremation. Suitable for Ebola and other infectious disease scenarios.

Human Remains Pouch Bloody Body Bag Features:

1.The front of the body bag is made of PEVA material, and the back is reinforced and stitched with PPwoven fabric to increase the weight bearing,suitable for cremation and/or burial.
2. Suture and seal joints, excellent anti-leakage ability in the transportation process, Comply with OSHA and EPA combustion limits for chlorine gas release. (dioxins) environmentally friendly and cremation-friendly
3. The material remains elastic at minus 25 degrees, so it can be used in outdoor winter environments or morgue coolers without fear of “cracking.”You can use a marker pen to write information on the plastic surface of the body bag, which happens a lot especially when you’re collecting a lot of bodies or in a morgue and storing them in a freezer.
4. With ten external webbing handles, it can hold at least 250 kilograms.
5. #5 double zipper for tighter closure. Open and close wherever needed.
6. A linear or C-shaped zipper design helps workers quickly place a body into a body bag, slowing down the time it takes to expose a body bag to decay. Can play the role of antibacterial anticorrosion.
7. No chlorine emissions from combustion, more suitable for cremation.
8. Disposable. Not for reuse.
9. A transparent tag bag with the deceased’s identity information that can be added to a deceased information card for easy identification.
10. The body bag can be used in hospitals, morgues and accident scenes. Can be used to resist the infection of the virus.


(1)Can customize any size, material, thickness, heat sealing. Any number of built-in or external handles. Different types of zipper design, zipper material and so on
(2)Body bag ID bag, which includes toe tag, external ID tag, personal item ID tag.And ID holder of the deceased identity can also be provided upon request.
(3)Body Bag With Window
(4)Absorbent pads


human remains pouch,disaster pouch,disaster pouch body bag,peva body bag,bloody body bag


Product model GA4022
Colors White,  Black,Green,Blue(Blue color to enhance post mortem forensic photography study without removing remains from the bag (Also available in black or white upon request)


PEVA+PP Woven fabric in the bottom
Size 245×115cm
Thickness 0.3mm
Zipper C Type Zipper
Handles 10 Handles
Maximum loading capacity ≥250kg