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GA406 Dog Burial Bag Dead Animal Body Bag Pet Body Bags For Cremation

There is various material of corpse bag for pet can be chosen such as pp, pe, vinyl, nylon and so on. Each material has its character. These PP body bags will not deformation under high temperature. It will not release noxious gas when it is burning.

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Dog Burial Bag Dead Animal Body Bag Description:

Dog Burial bag was a respectful and professional way of disposing of a deceased pet. Dead Animal Body Bag no longer needs to use trash bags or old cardboard boxes to transport deceased pets. The signature stylish, dignified and eco-friendly Animal Body Bag is perfect for collecting, transporting, viewing, natural burial or cremation of deceased pets. These PET body bags are made of elegant white 100g PP+ 20g PE, completely leakproof and opaque. Pet Cremation Body Bags have a specially designed “C” zipper that extends around a corner for easy placement in a corpse. See-through body bags are a good choice for burial or cremation.

Dog Burial Bag Dead Animal Body Bag Features:

1. 100g PP+ 20g PE woven fabric material, it can not only in natural environmental conditions to reduce the environmentally harmless substances, but also has flame retardant, uv resistance and other functions.
2. The interior is covered with a layer of PE material to prevent leakage and odor. PP material is degradable, beautiful and strong tolerance
3. Envelope style zipper,with dual pulls to make tighter close.open and close anywhere needed
4. It can be cremated safely. They do not contain PVC or chlorinated compounds, dioxins or furans.
5. Improve the euthanasia experience for animals, families, veterinarians and crematorium teams.
6. It is not equipped with metal pendant, and can be customized handle if necessary.
7. Completely leakproof and opaque, providing a quiet environment for your pet.


(1)Can customize any size, material, thickness, heat sealing. Any number of built-in or external handles. Different types of zipper design, zipper material and so on
(2)Body bag ID bag, which includes toe tag, external ID tag, personal item ID tag.And ID holder of the deceased identity can also be provided upon request.
(3)Body Bag With Window
(4)Absorbent pads

dog burial bag,dead animal body bag,animal body bag,pet body bag,pet cremation body bags

Product model GA406PET
Model Small Medium Large
Colors White,  Black,Green,Blue(Blue color to enhance post mortem forensic photography study without removing remains from the bag (Also available in black or white upon request)
Size 66×38cm 92×60cm 127×83cm
Weight 100g PP+ 20g PE
Zipper Straight Zipper Or C Type Zipper
Handles Not equipped with handle, can be customized.