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EA-10FP Folding Stair Wheelchair Aluminum Alloy Evacuation Stair Chair

The Emergency Evacuation Chair uses belts mounted on two tracks that allow the chair to balance and glide on the edge of the stairs while slowing momentum and relieving the operator from bearing the entire weight of the individual.

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EA-10FP  Evacuation Stair Chair Technical Features:
1. For hospitals ,emergency centers,fireman,emergency ambulance,family up and down the stairs to use
2. The stretcher can be used as first aid stretcher ,and can also be concerted as a stair evacuation chair.the patient can also lie flat when the stretcher down the stair
3. A unique track structure ,convenient and safe when the stretcher down the stairs
4. This stretcher has two wheels for easy to move on the ground.
5. The Folding Ambulance Stretcher Aluminum Alloy Crawler Evacuation Stair Chair is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material



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