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EA-1D8 Medical Aluminum Alloy Folding Stretcher Marine Stretcher

The frame is mainly made of high strength aluminum alloy. The surface of the stretcher is made of camouflage Oxford leather with pillowcase to make the sick man feels more comfortable. This product has a flexible handle, which is convenient for closure and reducing the length. Equipped with two safety straps, ensure transportation safety of patients.

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EA-1D8 Marine Stretcher Features:
1. Narrow stretcher surface, suitable for submarines or ships
2. Stretcher fabric and built-in wooden strips are embalmed
3. Easy to use and bring to the scene of accident.
4. It is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and military denim, and the joint is made of aluminum alloy
5. It is light in weight, small in size, easy to carry and safe in use
6. Forehead and thigh belts preventing patient from sliding down during transfer
7. Chest and thigh security belts to ensure patient safety during transfer
8. Special designed headrest with forehead and chin restraints

Product Size (L*W*H) Folded Size (L*W*H) Packing Size (1pcs) Load Bearing N.W G.W
200x46x16cm 103x15x9cm 105x16x11cm ≤159kg 9kg 11kg