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EA-1F11 Emergency Foldable Transfer Board Plastic Patient Care Transport Sheet

The Patient Transfer Boards enable safe and efficient patient transfers, preventing injuries and helping people move from one location to another. Suitable and versatile for a wide variety of transfer applications, the boards come in two different sizes to accommodate just about any weight, and feature multiple handholds for caregiver convenience.

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Application: Operating room, ICU, emergency room, gynecology, CT room, X-ray room, recovery room etc.
Thanks for the tiny friction between the external cover and internal mattress, the patient can slide easily in spite of the different height and weight. The nurses will feel more comfortable when moving the patient and it is very helpful to the nurses, While moving the patient, particularly the serious patient or the patient who needs special care, between stretchers, patient beds, trolleys ,inspection beds, X-ray fluoroscopy tables and operation tables, EASY-MOVE is very to use.
According to the current requirement of modern nursing science, nursing involves a lot of physical work, which leads to backache or lumbar pain on the part of nurses. In the daily work, nurses spend a lot of time to help patients, those that need special care, old people that need to change their position , and those people also need nurses to fulfill their personal requirements. Now, thanks for this auxiliary tools, we may relieve the physical work of nurses and patients.
Objectives of the invention:
The product is simple to use, cost-effective, portable and light-weight. It can not only relieve the hardship of doctors and nurses when moving patients, but also can relieve pains and adverse affects of patients when being moved . It is highly recommended in the market.
•    Increase efficiency
•    Increase nursery quality
•    Relieve the pains of patients
New PC type easy-move with the features:
Resistcompression, resistcompression
Lighter, thinner, more smooth
Polycarbonate, proenvironment, recyclable
Note: designed according to human boby engineering principle, the rigidity is suitable for human being, safe, comfortable
EASY-MOVE (PC, polycarbonate, ULF Ultra Low Friction )
Dimention and color:
170x48cm(standard type)
Cover: red, green or blue

transfer board, plastic transfer board, foldable transfer board, medical transfer sheet, emergency transfer board, transport board