EA-5C Medical Emergency Rescue Stretcher Carbon Fiber Scoop Stretcher

The scoop stretcher (or clamshell, Roberson orthopedic stretcher, or just scoop) is a device used specifically for moving injured people. It is Ideal for carrying casualties with possible spinal injuries.

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Emergency Scoop Stretcher, High Quality Stretcher, Rescue Scoop Stretcher, Carbon Fiber Stretcher
EA-5C Scoop Stretcher For Rescue Features:
1.Most lightest, most heavy-dutycarbon fiber scoop stretcher with Max loading weight 250kg.
2.Smooth opening and locking.
3.Unnoticeable shaking, Provides superior comfort and safety to patients who need spinal immobilization.
4.Adjustable length options and Folding design provides compact storage in ambulance compartment.
5.Includes restraints.

Model Unfolded Size Folded Size Packing Load Bearing
EA-5C 200/185/170x43x5cm 121.6x43x9.8cm ———— 250kg