EA-6D/6D1 Manual Emergency Stair Climbing Wheel Chair Evacuation Chair

Manual stair wheelchairs or stair climbers are portable stair considered as an accessibility solution, which allows caregiver to transport an individual up and down the stairs with their wheelchair. Manual stair wheelchair can work on any stair configurations such as straight, curved or angular, compared to wheelchair stair lift, where stair lift modality depends on the type of stair configurations.

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EA-6D/6D1 Manual Emergency Stair Climbing Wheel Chair Features:
1.Pull through, telescoping long handles built in to lift patients & carry them through narrow passages.
2.Two handles on the top to facilitate the lifting of patients, working in harmony with telescoping handles.
3.The structure is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, PVC seat.
4.Foldable, easy for storage.
5.With 3pcs belts.
6.Height adjustable backrest.(EA-6D1)
Stair Climbing Wheel Chair, Stair Climbing, Emergency Stair Climbing, Manual Stair Climbing

Model High position Folded Size Packing Load Bearing
EA-6D 70x52x85cm 90x54x20cm 93x21x51cm 160kg
EA-6D1 70x52x116cm 97x52x21cm 98x21x51cm 160kg