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EA-6FP Electric Stair Wheelchair Stainless Steel Evacuation Chair Stretcher

Battery Powered Stair Evacuation Chair is ideal for emergency evacuation during fires or power outages. Electric powered unit significantly minimizes caregiver injury by replacing manual lifting with electric operation. Ideal for medical facilities, multi-story commercial and residential buildings, fire and EMS vehicles.

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EA-6FP Evacuation Chair Stretcher Features:
The sliding system adjustable: the tightness is adjusted, the user can adjust the tightness.
Extra wide sliding system for safer and easier transportation during evacuation.
Three position lift bar help any size operator move the evacuation chair on the stair.
Two rear lift handles
Rear castor with brakes. Front castor: 75mmm, rear castor: 125mm
Headrest, IV pole, oxygen holder optional.
Made of aluminum alloy, light weight, durable use.
And seat and back section made of aluminum alloy pile coating in black, comfortable and easy to clean.
Lithium battery: 24V, 16A, 200W.       Charger input: 100-220V
After docking with the home ordinary wheelchairs can achieve electric up and down stairs
EA-6FP Evacuation Chair Stretcher Product Highlights:
1 – in the downstairs any time during the stay on the stairs will not decline, high safety performance
2- ordinary wheelchair docking with the home, so people are more comfortable sitting on top.
3- track design, more stable the downstairs. And the height of the stairs, stair inclination not required
4- with four wheels on the ground can also be implemented.
EA-6FP Evacuation Chair Stretcher Technical Parameters:
Battery: You can charge 800 times electricity. Life of 3–5 years.
Track: Made of rubber, the life 3–5 years.
Downstairs speed: about 45 steps per minute
Scope: stairs ≥80cm, corner width ≥140cm. Home wheelchair docking center distance 53-59cm
Operating behind a person who: It is recommended for men to operate, or big effort Ms.
NOTICE: Please pull the the chair with goods firstly, then docking the wheelchair with person there.

Emergency Stair Stretcher, Electric Stair Stretcher, Evacuation Chair, Medical Evacuation Chair, Stair Lift Chair

Model Open Size(L×W×H) Folded Size(L×W×H) Self Weight/G.W. Load Limit
EA-6FP 123*51*159cm 105*51*30cm 31 kg/45kg 160kg