EA-6FPE Medical Electric Foldable Climbing Stair Chair Evacuation Stretcher

Battery Powered Stair Evacuation Chair is ideal for emergency evacuation during fires or power outages. Electric powered unit significantly minimizes caregiver injury by replacing manual lifting with electric operation. Ideal for medical facilities, multi-story commercial and residential buildings, fire and EMS vehicles.

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EA-6FPE Climbing Stair Chair Stretcher Technical Features :
The chair aims to help the users in hospitals, emergency centers, fireman, emergency ambulance, family go up and down the stairs.
The Emergency Evacuation Electric Foldable Climbing Stair Chair Stretcher has a LCD power display operation panel and Led night light. The speed is adjustable.
1) Easy operating, it can climb up and down stairs smoothly and steadily by track.
2)The Emergency Evacuation Electric Foldable Climbing Stair Chair Stretcher won’t glide or fall down when stop on the stairs, very safe and reliable.
3) Circuit is inside the pipe, waterproof, long life time, motor is noiseless during operating.
4) The installation position of the battery is in accordance with international standards, not close to the body, make users feel more comfortable.
5) With 4 wear-resistant rubber wheels, the chair can use as a wheelchair on the ground.
6) The chair is equipped with vest type ,metal buckle straps, to ensure the safety during transport.
7) Made of high-strength aluminum alloy, foldable, compact and lightweight.
8) The electric stair chair is widely used in the home for the old people, school security, hospitals, hotels etc for emergency evacuation.
Castor sizes: 0125/100mm.
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Model  Product Size  (L×W×H)  Folded Size  (L×W×H) Net Weight/G.W. Load Limit
EA-6FPE 77x70x160cm  110x60x34cm 34 kg/48kg 180kg