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EA-6FPN EMS Evacuation Stair Chair Climbing Wheelchair Stair Crawler

Battery Powered Stair Evacuation Chair is ideal for emergency evacuation during fires or power outages. Electric powered unit significantly minimizes caregiver injury by replacing manual lifting with electric operation. Ideal for medical facilities, multi-story commercial and residential buildings, fire and EMS vehicles.

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EMS Evacuation Stair Chair With Crawler Description:

Evacuation chair, smooth and solid climbing, four rubber wheels for easy landing, two universal wheels for 360° rotation. Chair Climbing Wheelchair is a compact space for a narrow staircase that is not limited by the slope of the stairs. The stair Crawler’s double overload protection and stepper self-lock design can effectively ensure the safety, stability and working life of climbing. Comfortable PVC seat, three-level adjustable stair climbing speed, can switch single step and continuous stair climbing mode, to meet various operational needs. Detachable or foldable modular design for easy travel and carrying. Wheelchair Stair Crawler helps the elderly and disabled up and down the stairs, making care easier, safe and efficient, and saving lives as an EMS evacuation stair chair in case of emergency.

EMS Evacuation Stair Chair With Crawler Description:

1.Aluminum alloy material with electroplating painting process, foldable, compact structure, light weight.
2.The backrest can be divided into 3gears adjustment, 110~160cm, can adapt to various emergency situations.
3.The front handle can be folded at 90°, and the back handle has an automatic lock design, which saves space in folding and makes pushing more powerful.
4.There are two flexible lifting rods in front, which can be pulled apart and used as stretcher.
5.Removable Samsung aluminum battery, with anti-theft lock device, easy to charge, not stick to the human body.
6.It is suitable for family, hotel, school, nursing home and so on up and down stairs or emergency evacuation.
7.High wear-resistant track, no bumping up and down stairs. Pick latch, pull open. The track is controlled by an air spring and can be recovered by holding the ladder and treading lightly with your foot.
8.LCD screen, three speed adjustment, with lighting function.
9.24V, 200W motor with cover, soft start protection for power system, longer battery life, longer motor and battery life.
10.Folding design is easy to carry. Pull the red bar under the chair to fold the chair.
11.Can turn up the foot pedal, sitting comfortably.
12.Optional PVC leather cushion, comfortable and easy to clean
13.The seat is equipped with vest type and metal buckle belt to ensure safety during transportation.
14.4 high wear resistant rubber wheels, two front wheels 360° universal wheels, two rear wheels with two feet on the brake, wheelchair use on the ground.
15.The full length of 82cm track, can easily reach 3 steps together, very smooth.
16.Concealed waterproof circuit design, no power line exposed, no noise in operation, longer service life.
Pillow, Dust Cover, Wall BRACKET,Spongy Cushion,36V300W Brushless motor.
vest belt, lithium battery, wrench set
There are different frame colors and seat colors to suit different environment use.
evacuation chair,chair climbing wheelchair,stair crawler,wheelchair stair crawler,ems evacuation stair chair

UN-FOLD SIZE(L*W*H) 110~160*50*80~100cm
FOLDED SIZE(L*W*H) 115*50*27cm
N.W 33kg
Using Time of Full Charge: 2 hours

(up and down five layer building stairs 15 times)

Repeated Charging Times: 500 times
Battery Life 3~5 YEARS
Motor 24V,200W,High Quality, no noise
Track: High wear-resistant materials, life time 3~5 years
Speed About 45 steps per minute