EA-7C Hospital Medical Stainless Steel Rescue Basket Stretcher For Helicopter

This basket stretcher comes in both a one piece version or a split version. It is made with superior materials that allow it to survive in almost all conditions, while the design itself provides a user friendly platform from which to work.

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EA-7C Stainless Steel Rescue Basket Stretcher For Helicopter Features:
1.The stretcher is made with an eye on a very wide range of specialemergency situations, such as in the mountains, air and sea.
2.It is sturdy and flexible to use, its quick reliable fittings enablefirst-aid person to operate it rapidly and safely.
3.With its special sling equipment, the stretcher is ideal for liftedand transported by helicopter.
4.It is made of anti-corrosion stainless steel material.
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EA-7C Rescue Basket Stretcher Accessories:
1.Adjustable feet-securing board.
2.4pcs safety belts.

Model Unfolded Size Package Size Load Bearing N.W. G.W.
EA-7C 219x64x18cm 22x65x21cm 270kg 16kg 20kg