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EA-7C Floating Basket Stretcher Boat Marine Stretcher Traverse Rescue Stretcher

This basket stretcher comes in both a one piece version or a split version. It is made with superior materials that allow it to survive in almost all conditions, while the design itself provides a user friendly platform from which to work.

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Floating Basket Stretcher Boat Marine Stretcher Features:

1. Non-toxic and pollution-free materials are used to prevent fire and wear and erosion
2. Made of stainless steel tube and mesh, it will not cause additional harm to the patient, and is stronger than ordinary stretcher.
3. Both sides of the stretcher are provided with metal fasteners, which can be used together with nylon fasteners.
4. Can be used with plate stretcher, shovel stretcher, basket stretcher, easy to transport and storage, easy to clean.
5. The hook can be connected with the hook on the plane to realize field rescue.
6. Equipped with nylon straps, which can effectively fix the wounded, and the buckle design is more convenient to use.
7. Stretcher is equipped with adjustable foot fixers that can adjust position according to the height of the casualty.
8. It is sturdy and flexible to use, its quick reliable fittings enablefirst-aid person to operate it rapidly and safely.
9. Mainly suitable for such as rugged mountainous areas, air or sea rescue. The robust frame, simple and reliable device enables the operator to take emergency measures safely and quickly.
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Model EA-7C
Unfolded Size 219x64x18cm
Package Size 222x65x21cm
Load Bearing 270kg
N.W. 16kg
G.W. 20kg
Basic Accessories: Adjustable feet-securing board.
4pcs safety belts.