• basket stretcher,floating stretcher,lifting sling
  • basket stretcher,floating stretcher,lifting sling
  • basket stretcher,floating stretcher,lifting sling

EA-7A/7B Floating Basket Stretcher With Lifting Sling For Mountain Air Or Sea

This basket stretcher comes in both a one piece version or a split version. It is made with superior materials that allow it to survive in almost all conditions, while the design itself provides a user friendly platform from which to work.

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Floating Basket Stretcher With Lifting Sling For Mountain Air Or Sea Description:

Basket stretchers are suitable for rescue from heights and depths, as well as any situation where a casualty needs to be dragged, carried or lifted over rough and muddy terrain. The basket stretcher can be used for horizontal and vertical lifting, while the casualty can be kept stable and safe.

basket stretcher,floating stretcher,lifting sling

Floating Basket Stretcher With Lifting Sling Features:

1. The frame is made of high strength ABS material, with strong Oxford surface, durable and easy to clean.
2. The material is non-toxic and pollution-free, with the function of fire resistance, wear resistance and erosion resistance.
3. There are multiple handles on the edge for easy lifting.
4. Both sides of the stretcher are provided with metal fasteners, which can be used together with nylon fasteners.
5. The edge of stretcher is thickened with aluminum alloy tube to ensure safety in the process.
6. Nylon safety straps can effectively fix the wounded, and the buckle design is more convenient.
7. Foot fixator can adjust the position according to the height of the wounded.
8. Equipped with hook and rope, it can be connected with the plane hook, high altitude lifting, to achieve field rescue.
9. Special application in first aid, such as rugged mountain areas, air or sea rescue.


basket stretcher,floating stretcher,lifting sling

Differences between the two models:
Integrated design, so that the operator can take emergency measures quickly and safely.
1. Detachable design, portable and easy to stack, greatly reducing the occupation time, conducive to first aid applications. .
2. The middle part is equipped with safety buckle, so that the split design is not easy to fall off. The bottom joint is also provided with stainless steel safety buckle.
3. Strong split link, hard rubber bar, not easy to deformation, split storage and labor-saving convenient.
4. Stretcher with stainless steel metal buckle, high strength.

basket stretcher,floating stretcher,lifting sling

Basket Stretcher Accessories:

1. Adjustable feet-securing board.
2. 4PCS Safety Belts.
3. Sling.
4. lifting rope
5. Hook
6. Hanging board
7. Gasket
8. Screw nut



Model Unfolded Size Package Size Load Bearing
EA-7A 219x64x18cm 222x65x21cm 270kg
EA-7B 219x64x18cm 127x65x28cm 270kg