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EA-1C High Quality Stretchers Foldable Rigid Stretcher For Carrying

The Emergency Foldable stretcher is a light weight foldable, portable easy to store stretcher, which can be used to shift immobile conscious or unconscious people to safety. Approved by Clinic practice and suitable for Ambulance, hospital battlefield gym to carry the wounded and patients and also suitable for general operations.

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High Quality Stretchers Foldable Rigid Stretcher For Carrying Features:

1. Made of high strength aluminum alloy.
2. Arc grip, labor-saving and convenient.
3. Porous design, easy to lock the fixed belt, prevent tilting slip.
4. Adjustable seat belt reduces turbulence.
5. suitable for patients with catagmatic and can be used together with the head fixator.
6. Mainly used for outdoor and hospital protection and transportation of the injured.

rigid stretcher,foldable stretcher,quality stretchers


Model Unfolded Size Folded Size Packing Load Bearing
EA-1C 185x50x4cm 93x50x10cm 96x26x54cm  160kg