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GA301 One Dead Body Corpse General Electric Mortuary Deep Freezer Police Coroner Use Body Refrigerator

Product Introduction:
Our mortuary refrigerators and freezers consist of walk-in, small door, forensic lab and cadaver lockers. Standard and custom fridge systems are designed to meet morgue and other facility needs.

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GA301 Mortuary Refrigerator Body Freezer Features:
1.WANROOEMED Mortuary Refrigerator is used for storage corpse, with 1/2/3/4/6 body size.Full body inside and outside shell made of 201/304 stainless steel.
2.One body polyurethane foam, excellent performance of insulation and seal, stable temperature.
3.Control System: The Mortuary Refrigerator thermostat, digital display, high precision temperature control with over-temperature and sound and light alarm.
4.Cooling system: Closed cooling system, high ooling speed. Using a stand- alone single control,single cycle refrigeration system, the thicker foamed layer is more dense and more uniform and effective from the outside heat to protect the cooling effect is better!
5.Compressor: Energy saving and economic. Placed in the back of the machine body.

Product mode GA301
Quantity 1Corpse
Voltage 220V/50HZ standard
Temperature inside box +5℃ to -10℃
Exterior size 2280*800*620cm
Weight 100kg
Package size 2320*860*750cm
voltage  218W