GA102 Funeral Transport Church Trolley Church Truck With Handles

The Church Truck constructed of anodized aluminum tubing, is sturdy for moving and displaying any size casket. Convenient and easy to maneuver, the accordion x-design allows for four positions – folded for easy transport to fully extended for supporting a casket. Sturdy for moving and displaying any size casket. Mortuary equipment is convenient and easy to maneuver.

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GA102 Church Trolley With Handles Features:
1.Fold-out handles optional
2.Available in blue, silver, bronze or gold finish.
3.Made of strong, rectangular, anodized finishing aluminum tubing, strong, good looking, easy to clean
4.X-frame undercarriage and rubber rests help to secure the casket.
5.Church Truck locks into four positions, allowing a wide range of casket sizes to be displayed with one truck. The additional length also increases the stability and makes an attractive appearance.
6.Six-inch rubber tire, two with brakes roll easily over carpet, sills ad other obstacles with quiet dignity. When moved without a casket a special built-in handle allows the truck to be pushed, pulled or carried.
7.Rubber castor optional.
GA102 Church Trolley With Handles Specifications:
Height max: 71cm
Height min: 57cm
Width: 61cm
Folded min: 14cm
Folded max: 146cm
This trolley has three grades:
One grade: 51.5(L)*61(W)*69(H) cm
Two grade: 120(L)*61(W)*63(H) cm
Three grade: 146(L)*61(W)*57(H) cm
Maximum load: 1000lbs(454kg)
Package size: 58.9cm*23cm*74.5cm
VELVET BIER COVER for the church trolley, optional
general color: dark blue, burgundy
Net weight: 14.65kgs
Gross weight: 16.5kgs
Optional function:wheel brake
Optional color: Yellow, blue, bronze, silver

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