• Autopsy Table, Multi - functional Autopsy Table, Forensic Autopsy Table, Double Exhaust Autopsy Table

GA2003A1 Funeral Double Exhaust Multi – functional Autopsy Table

Mortuary tables are used for autopsies, embalming, dressing the body for a funeral, temporary body storage, and for teaching purposes. These tables are specifically designed to keep embalming and bodily fluids away from the mortician or medical professional. A well-constructed autopsy table is critical to maintaining a safe and clean work environment within your mortuary or funeral home.

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GA2003A1 Forensic Autopsy Table Features:
1.Mesa circular arc connection, not easy to scale, easy to clean and disinfection
2.The sink is equipped with a hair isolator to prevent the hair from getting into the drainage pipe and becoming blocked
3.The shredder below the pool can crush dissected tissue and discharge it through the drain
4.The grinder is equipped with induction motor, start and cut off flow. Acid and alkali resistant
5.Equipped with cold and heat regulator, induction manual faucet (to be connected to the water heater)
6.The water pressure of the mobile spray washing gun can be adjusted to flush the overall dirt of the anatomical table
7.The table is equipped with 3 screen isolation plates, which can be removed and washed
8.Table side with 8 washing head, easy to wash the anatomy process of dirt
9.The moving disk on the top of the table can be used for viscera placement in the process of anatomy (optional)
10.Negative pressure air draft system: upper air draft adopts the way of inclined air draft on both sides of the table and downward, while lower air draft adopts the way of opening holes around the base for inhalation, so as to extract the harmful gas during the anatomical process timely (external air draft system shall be connected).
11.The side of the platform has leakage protection device, waterproof socket 220v. 50HZ
Type A: 2500 x 800 x (750/950)mm       square base   lifting type
Type B: 2500 x 800 x 850mm                   square base   fixed type