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GA2003A6 Multi-function Temperature Controlled Animal Dissection Table

According to the ministry of Public Security level of demonstration of criminal science and technology anatomic room construction requirements specially designed, using stainless steel SUS high quality plate molding, seijin production, acid and alkali resistant, the overall shape luxury atmosphere.

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GA2003A6 Animal Dissection Table Features:
● Table concave design, not easy to scale, easy to clean and disinfection
● The table can be respectively poured 35° before and after the use of mechanical hand operation
● Table heating device to ensure that the low temperature conditions to maintain the appropriate temperature
● There is a head fixator on the side of the table, and 4 movable animal binding frames on both sides of the table
● The side of the platform has leakage protection device, waterproof socket 220v. 50HZ

Specification: 1050* 460*(750/920)mm         foot pedal lifting