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GA2003A8 Mortuary Stainless Steel Embalming Table Anatomy Dissection Table

According to the ministry of Public Security level of demonstration of criminal science and technology anatomic room construction requirements specially designed, using stainless steel SUS high quality plate molding, seijin production, acid and alkali resistant, the overall shape luxury atmosphere.

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GA2003A8 Dissection Table Functions:
1. The overall use of 304 stainless steel production, high temperature resistance, corrosion, rust.
2.V-shaped table surface design, sewage automatic discharge, convenient cleaning and disinfection.
3.Fixed base, solid and practical, beautiful atmosphere, exquisite workmanship.
4.Equipped with 2 active waste liquid filter screen, dry and wet separation, easy to clean dirt.
5.Table heating device to ensure proper temperature under low temperature conditions (optional).
6.The sink is equipped with a hair isolator to prevent hair from entering the drain.
7.Equipped with metal hose stretching faucet, easy to operate the table for cleaning.
8.The base has three storage drawers for items and appliances for easy access.
9.The crushed tissue can be discharged through the drainage outlet (optional).
10.The bottom has a large storage cabinet, can store pet related items.
11.Equipped with infusion stand, stainless steel instrument tray, power switch.
GA2003A8 Dissection Table Parameter:
Type A: 1250 x 600 x 840mm
Type B: 1500 x 670 x 840mm
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