• Stainless Steel Embalming Table, Hospital Embalming Table, Mortuary Table, Hydraulic Embalming Table

GA202B Stainless Steel Mortuary Table Hydraulic Embalming Table

Product Specialty:
The Hydraulic Embalming Table will hold up to 650 pounds. High quality Stainless Steel top makes table easy to clean. Specially designed shape of stainless steel makes fluids drain away from body.

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GA202B Stainless Steel Hydraulic Embalming Table Features:
1.High quality Stainless Steel 304 top makes table easy to clean.
2.The concave design of the countertop is made of 304 stainless steel. The bottom of the countertop is provided with an exhaust duct and an air volume regulating valve.
3.The countertop is divided into two layers. The upper layer is two detachable perforated countertop. The lower layer is the exhaust and sewage discharge countertop.
4.3 hydraulic foot pedals make raising or lowering either or both ends of the table simple.
5.Stain resistant plastic base keeps product looking clean and new .
6.8″ wheels make table easy to steer and move.
7.Wheels lock instantly with conveniently placed foot brake.
8.Dimension 218x81x75cm.