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GA302 Mortuary Freezer Side Loading Type Two Body Size Corpse Refrigerator

Product Introduction:
Our mortuary refrigerators and freezers consist of walk-in, small door, forensic lab and cadaver lockers. Standard and custom fridge systems are designed to meet morgue and other facility needs.

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GA302 Side Loading Type Two Body Size Mortuary Freezer Corpse Refrigerator Features:
1. German brand Secop compressor and import air blower option. Our suggestion: if ultra low-temperature, we recommend Secop compressor, if ordinary, Chinese brand will be enough.
2. Insulation material: stainless steel casing, polyurethane integral foam insulation with excellent results, about 10cm thickness and density about 40kg/M3
3. Refrigerant: R134A standard
4. Alarm: when temperature not in setting range, will alarm by sound and light.
5. Evaporator: built-quality copper, seamless integration, and beautiful than traditional wall-mounted, the cooling effect is more significant.
6. Cavity drawer, made of stainless steel, imported high-quality slide profiles, more effort when carrying