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GA400 Funeral Medical Corpse Bag Non-woven Fabric 80g/100g Body Bag

High-density zipper: waterproof design, fully sealed, to achieve anti-corrosion, anti-odor, anti-leakage and other isolation and protection.
Non-Woven cadaver bag: The inner layer of PE is a whole piece of material and the outer layer of non-woven fabric is perfectly stitched with professional technology to achieve isolation and protection effects such as anti-corrosion, deodorization and leakage.
Environmental protection and pollution-free: the bag can be directly burned, small in size, light in weight, individually packaged and easy to use.

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GA400 Funeral Body Bag Features:
sewing processing
straight zipper or C type zipper
sample available
We can make different sizes according to customer’s requirement.
Size:   Infant:55.9*100cm    Child:91.4*152.2cm         Adult:91.44*228.8cm