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GA408 Mortuary Cadaver Bag Water Recovery Heavy Duty Nylon Mesh Body Bag

Our Mesh Water Recovery Body Bags are made from a high visibility orange-colored, vinyl-coated polyester scrim mesh which drains quickly when taken out of water. These bags have a clam-shell perimeter zipper on three sides which allows for easy body recovery in water as well as 10 carry straps.

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GA408 Water Recovery Heavy Duty Nylon Mesh Body Bag Features:
1.high strength mesh material,drains water completely after removing from the water
2.10 handle high strength design for ease of handling both in and out of the water
3.unique ease to handle dual zipper pulls to facilitate opening and closing bag
4.bright yellow or organe colour for underwater visibility
5.floater grips for zipper pulls,allow divers to find and handle the zipper
6.full three sided perimeter #9 zipper for ease of recovery in the water
7.450 Lb static lift tested