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GA500B Electric Hydraulic Stainless Steel Double Lift Cart Mortuary Body Lifter

The lift- and transport cart has a rugged, torsion resistant frame structure smoothly running, with integrated 12 Volt hydraulic unit for vertical adjustment enables easy handling. A holding device secures the body tray or coffin plate laying on it. The slide handle of the lift and transport truck can be removed.

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GA500B Electric Hydraulic Stainless Steel Double Lift Cart Features:
1.The lifting cart is composed of chassis, lifting bracket moving tray, etc
2.Special mobile lift cart for autopsy table or cadaver cooler. Used for moving anatomy
3.The upper part is equipped with a tray, with a water outlet, convenient for washing and disinfection
4.Table four Angle concave design, no dead Angle easy to clean
5.Movable tray with handle on both sides and automatic lock, movable hand-controlled tray (optional)
6.The lifting bracket is equipped with 5 stainless steel rollers for moving the tray (optional)
7.The side of the cart has 800mm stainless steel push and pull armguard, cheap mobile transportation (optional)
8.Electric-hydraulic lifting indicator button above the box, easy to operate, no noise
9.No stage rise and fall according to different height needs arbitrary adjustment, smooth and smooth
10.Lifting height adjustment range is 420mm to 2000mMN
11.Four mute universal wheels, including two brake wheels, to prevent movement when standing

Type A: 2200 x 650* (420/2000)mm    Movable Tray
Type B: 2200 x 650* (420/2000)mm    Fixed Tray
Pallet specification: 1900*610mm